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Under the Title “Local Luminaries The 2014 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition” Greg Cook  writes in the Providence Phoenix:

“Reenacting a childhood photo, portraits of fabulous old ladies, and dollhouse meditations on architecture are among the artworks featured in the “2014 RISCA Fellowship Exhibition,” at the Pawtucket Arts Collaborative Mill Gallery (560 Mineral Spring Ave, Pawtucket, through March 28). The show rounds up 12 artists and collaboratives that the Rhode Island State Council on the Arts has awarded $5000 to $1000 grants this year. Below are six projects that particularly caught my attention.

Dilworth’s ‘Venus.’

Bob Dilworth goes over the top with decoration and fabulousness in his painting Venus — and it’s just the right move. It appears to be a portrait of two women in matching dresses and shawls seated side by side on a couch. Actually, it’s a repeated portrait of the same octogenarian singer friend twice. The faces are black-and-white photo transfers, one looking skeptical, the other with an impish smile. The rest is exuberant color and pattern — leafy rugs and cushions and shawls overlaid by webs of fluorescent green studded with real sparkling rhinestones. Rather than painting the background, Dilworth inserts flower-patterned fabric. The effect of it all is a sundae with everything on it. You can’t get too much of a good thing.”

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