Large mixed media paintings on canvas tackle issues of race, culture, ethnicity, family, heritage, and ancestry through narrative, often intersecting hidden and deeper meanings of my life’s narrative. They aim to explore experiences, encounters, and emotions that define relationships with family and friends. Starting a few years ago with voice and video narratives, “Memory” is the central theme of my work, revealing much in the way of history, local culture, heritage, folktales, and religious beliefs that have direct bearing and influence on my upbringing, present views and outlook. The paintings display distinct layering of multiple images extracted from household designs, prints, and patterns found on kitchen walls, living room carpets, curtains, blankets, quilts, tablecloths, throw covers, furniture, tile and wooden floors, and other items that are subsequently transferred in various ways to canvas.

I am very curious about these everyday decorative items as they represent a variety of emotions and memories for those who own them. Because they often hold fascinating personal, social, and cultural content I began to see this material environment as a reflection of a much larger, and often subconscious, need for self-definition.


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RISCA Fellowship