Exhibits at Gallery Z


One of my resolutions for 2013 is to “make more art” and another is to increase community involvement in the art making process so that through involvement with art people will connect more and share more about their life experiences. Families become closer; and friends, both old and new, grow closer as they share their experiences. And as a result the history of community will be preserved, not just in books, films and other media, but also in people’s hearts and minds.

Three works of a new major community involvement project called “From Where We Come” are now showing at Gallery Z in Providence, Rhode Island. Displayed in Gallery Z’s Special Collections, the works are part of the series of sewn and framed figures decorated with beads, coins, nails, pins, hair and fabric.

Click on any of the thumbnails below to see a full size picture and treat yourself to a visit to the gallery to see the three works in person where you will be able to more easily see and appreciate the ethereal, spiritual, and intriguing physical qualities of the works which are meant to reflect the improvisational element of African-American life and lifestyles. 


Gallery Z
259 Atwells Avenue,
Providence RI 02903
RISCA Fellowship