Artboards RI – Bob’s Art on Billboards in Jan 2015


Bob Dilworth - Billboard RI - Backyard

Photo by Bob Dilworth
An image of Bob Dilworth’s work, “Backyard,” will be displayed on a billboard in Providence in January, as part of the Artboards RI project. The original work was made this year from acrylic, oil and ink paint.

Look for Bob’s work on billboards in the Valley Street, Allens Avenue or Charles Street area in Providence as the works of local artists are posted on billboards intended to engage schools and other community organizations within walking distance of the billboards in conversations about the art. Bob’s work named “Backyard” will be displayed on a billboard in January.

There is a great article on penned by Melanie Saunders which gives a great description of  of the idea, history, and focus of this interesting project.

“Backyard,” Dilworth said, is an “outdoor” piece because of what it depicts, but it was difficult to make the choice of what to submit because he could see a few of his other works doing well outdoors. When asked if the project could be categorized as street art, another outdoor art form with revived interest, he said that he sees this project as having both a different philosophy and execution.

“Street art is spontaneous – it’s made there on the spot. Usually, there’s not a lot of forethought and has more to do with this element of tagging, relying on just that energy of the moment,” he said. “Whereas what we’re doing is almost the opposite. These are studio pieces that are really much considered and created without the idea of ever being placed on a billboard or outside.”

Bob Dilworth




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